Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yndi's PR people are at it again

Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss E.P. ready in November

Monday, May 22, 2006

Northern Ireland's Frank Lampard

Steve Davis Northern Ireland's Youngest ever captain

A up-and-comer I've had my eyes on over the past year, or two, has been Ballymena boy, Steve Davis.
He has become David O'Leary's most (read: only?)consistent performer at Aston Villa, and has been named their Player of the Year. His eloquent pass set up David Healy's famous goal against England, and now he has moved to become Northern Ireland's youngest ever captain.

This caps a great year for the young lad, and hopefully a successful Villa team next term, will actually propel his profile to be mentioned among the likes of Wayne Rooney, and Cesc Fagregas as the new generation of Premiership talent.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A random thought.

I just had a very random thought. What would happen if the computer that Steven Hawkings uses to speak froze?? If he was in the middle of a word, would it play like a scratched record? "The wormhole would op-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p..."
Would he have to 'restart'?...
Also, is he susceptible to computer viruses?
Let's hope he's not running with Windows.

We are not impressed. Do something new

BBC NEWS | England | Hampshire | Wrong-way sailor back on UK soil
So another woman thinks she's achieved something by sailing round the world.
This time it's because she went the "wrong way" round (ie against prevailing winds, and currents etc). You haven't achieved anything, because it has been done before.
Why have these solo women been given so much publicity. Besides self-satisfaction, YOU HAVE NOT ACHIEVED ANYTHING!!! You are not sailing uncharted waters, you are not discovering new lands, you are just being self indulgent.
What benefit does it afford to the human race to know that now it's possible for a single person to sail the world on their own. Will it become common pastime, in a hundred years, to just up and leave, and sail to New Zealand? Twelve weeks alone on a boat will be something we will all take for granted, because of the pioneering efforts of these women!
Neither is it impressive to me that in recent weeks two teenagers became the youngest Britons to scale Everest and a couple became the first married British couple to scale the mountain.
Notice the way they had to point out the fact that both these 'achievements' were British records? It's probably because the indiginous 15-year-olds take their girlfriends to the summit every Friday night for a bit of hows-your-father.
If you really want to achieve something truly remarkable, do something new. Land on Mars, invent a perpetual motion device; something that will actually be of use to mankind, not just some excuse to feed your own self-indulgence.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Apple Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows XP :: Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows XP

For anyone contemplating buying a new computer in the near future would do worse than check out this site. It's a very reasonable comparison between Mac's Operating System and the more popular Windows, being evenhanded as far as it is possible to be.
The only negative aspect of the site is that the entire comparison is still not complete, yet both companies are gearing up to release their next installment within the next year (Apple OS X 10.5 and Windows Vista).
Anyone contemplating a new machine at this stage may as well wait until both new platforms are released and make their judgment then.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Microsoft manufacture rocks now.

Apparently Microsoft have been sending rocks to everyone on their mailing list. Something about not allowing software pirates to hide under them.
I won't mention the excessive wealth the company must have in order to afford such a pretentious stunt, but I have heard reports that the equipment has been known to crash unexpectedly, and is subject to dozens of viruses, and other security alerts already. Microsoft is also charging extortionate amounts for the extra software you need in order to turn said rocks into paper-weights - it's against company policy to let their hardware perform it's logical function for free.

Microsoft Stone XP 2006 Home Edition.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David Blaine, categorically not an amphibian

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Blaine fails in water record bid
So David Blaine failed in his attempt to break the World record for holding your breath underwater.
After living for a week submerged in water, he attempted the feat.
The previous record was apparently 8 minutes and 58 seconds.
However, I would like to question that statment. There are people in the Titanic who haven't breathed for 94 years.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The most exciting new release of the year?

Chart commentary - most exciting release of the year

Anyone familiar with the Dotmusic of Yore (now known as Yahoo! Music), would no doubt be aware of James Masterson's weekly column based on the latest chart. This guy seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the British Top 40, including it's entire history.
Every week he makes comments on the state of affairs in the charts, such as this week's biggest selling record not actually being present on any chart. Being a five track E.P., Arctic Monkeys' 'Who the fuck are the Arctic Monkeys?' is not eligible to be included in the three-track max singles chart.
However, this past few weeks, he has begun tagging up 'the most exciting release of the year,' while failing to mention what it is (this is a year that has boasted the scrumptious release of Crazy by Gnarles Barkley, so this would need to be a pretty special release indeed). It is due for release on the 22nd May.
Any speculation as to the identity of the track is most welcome.

Monday, May 01, 2006

meet me in st. louis x

meet me in st. louis x
Another band on the cusp of big things is Meet Me in St. Louis. Heavily influenced by At The Drive-In, and other bands notable for their raw energy, St. Louis have already founded quite a following for themselves. One of the striking things about the band is their practice of having extremely long names for their work, (notable examples are; 'What happened to you Dylan? you used to be someone I could trust,' 'We need to act like we don't need this shit, then they give us the shit for free')
They release their debut E.P., 'Promise Me That We'll Never Be Like Them...EP' on 29th May.