Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sun goes beyond the nicknaming bandwagon

Today's (28th March, 2007) back page in the Sun, there is a 'hilarious' feature calling for Steve McLaren to be blasted into space, and calling him Steve McDonut!
My issue is not with the jocular manner with which they discuss ending a man's life, but the fact that the paper feel the need to spearhead the nickname frenzy. He has only been on the scene for about 6 matches - but The Scum has been itching to become the nicknamers - after Sven Goran Er-ection! and Graham 'Turnip-head' Taylor.
Because it's becoming obvious they have been sitting on that nickname for weeks, it shows that they are basically writing the stories before they become news - doesn't that sound ridiculously like a stupid James Bond movie??

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