Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yndi Halda and Olufur Arnulds at the Barbican - review

So now Yndi have played what is unquestionably the biggest gig of their career so far - which is surely about to kick into gear given that all five members are now able to commit themselves to being in the same place at the same time for most of the foreseeable future. Even though their were the support act, they showed an ambition that suggests that that is not a role they will be reveling in for long.

Of the new song, it was a departure of sorts, but not one that could be immediately mistaken for anyone but Yndi, and James has now upped his instrumental repotoire to include the piano. The song was not titled, and was only one of two songs not lifted from their debut album, Enjoy Eternal Bliss, which may be considered a disappointment, given that James has stated on record that they are looking to expand their music from that era, which was written when they were "children".

However, the songs that we are all familiar with were all there, and it may have been a bit of a tightrope walk to proceed without them. Dash and Blast was the opener, and was the surprise of the night, with a chorus of vocalists taking to the stage (clumsily if one was being particularly harsh), to chant the closing coda's da-da "barks" (as the band has facetiously referred to them).

There was a full on light show choreographed with the music, illustrating the aforementioned ambition, and James (standing at my side of the stage) was on full form, jumping around, posing like a true hair metal guitar hero of the eighties, albeit with more musical integrity.

Olufar Arnalds was the headliner, and to be honest, was disappointing. His piano playing accompanied by the string quartet was intriguing and produced some undeniably beautiful music, but I couldn't shake the feeling that he was a one trick pony. Only the coda of one song branched out to include a considerably distinctive section during his whole set. If he can expand his sound more, it would be more palatable sitting through one hour plus of it.

Update (July 18, 2008): The band have since informed me that The new song (which is in the video) is entitled This Very Flight, and what had previously been entitled Pinch of Lynch, is now La Lumiere Lit.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bobby McGee's and Dufus to share a stage!!

In what is the best news of the day so far (in a day that will later include a trip to the Barbican to see Yndi), it has transpired that the Egodeist favourites, Dufus and The Bobby McGee's are to play on the same bill.

Hosted by Human Error on Monday 30th June, the event is taking place in The George Tavern, Whitechapel (373 Commercial Road, E1 0LA to avoid confusion with all the other George Taverns in London). Other acts on the lineup include Baron Bum Blood and Old Bamboo.

Also, even in these crunchy credit times, the ticket price, at £4, is unlikely to stir the cockles of many investment bankers (at least for now).

Buy tickets from

Check back tomorrow for a review (and possibly pics) of the Yndi Halda gig

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meet Me in St. Louis R.I.P.

While doing my Foundation year at Surrey Institute of Art and Design (now known as the University College for the Creative Arts), one of my classmates was Ollie from the highly thought of post hardcore band, Meet Me in St. Louis. Their debut album, Variations on Swing was lauded across the board, as this poster illustrates:

However, their success was short-lived, and they announced their split last month. In a sort of parting tribute, I have uploaded two of their singles from their first E.P., And With the Right Kind of Eyes, You Can Almost See the High Water Mark, That Place Where the Wave Finally Broke and Rolled Back (named for the famous quote from the Hunter S Thompson book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). Marvel, and get a glimpse at how greta they could have become.

Meet Me in St Louis - I am Champagne and You Are Shit.mp3
Meet Me in St Louis - The Kid Who Got His Ear Slapped By the Druggist.mp3

Buy Meet Me... from their Myspace.