Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bill Gates - 21st Century Robin Hood??

Pogue's Posts - Technology - New York Times Blog - Reconsidering Bill Gates

It's a weird week when you are suddenly find yourself considering if Bill Gates is the new Robin Hood, but that's what I've just done.
Gates has recently announced his retirement from his current position at Microsoft, so that he could continue to concetrate on his charity foundation, which is dedicated to eradicated disease and increase education. Some have reported that he intents to give away 95% of his wealth.
This is a very positive revelation in my eyes. Many have been critical of Microsoft's business tactics over the years, myself included, and Gates was at the helm when this was going on. However, the fact that he has now decided to use his money productively is to be welcomed. The individual may not be entirely to blame for the corporation's behaviour (although, feasibly he could be, since he owned it), so let's see if he can prove all the sceptics wrong, and show that he really isn't as evil as internet conspirators would like to portray him.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

iPod's are too robust

iPod Causes Pipe Problems At University - Softpedia
An amusing story has come to light about an iPod that accidentally got flushed down a toilet. Apparently, the plumbing team hired to relieve the blockage couldn't budge it - because it was "indestructible". It had managed to wedge itself in such a way that it could simply be pushed through, so they tried breaking it into pieces. However, the fiesty little bugger couldn't be chipped, and eventually they had to resort to flushing every toilet in the building. This inevitably led to the farcical slapstick moment of having an entire floor of toilets act as geysers.
Now, why couldn't they make flak jackets or something out of iPods?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The plants smell pretty strong these days

The Scum Online - News: Raid brothers' £38k stash
By now I'm sure that everyone has heard of the 250 police officers raiding a small terraced house under the pretence of terrorism-squashing. After all the expense, shootings and harrassment, it has emerged, much to Scotland Yard's embarrasment, that there was no bombs or terrorist equipment.
Now, over a week later, they say they have found a stash of £35,000 in cash in one of the men's bedroom. Surely, after such rigorous searching, £35,000 would have been spotted pretty quickly? Why do I get the feeling that they have planted this, the police in the U.K. aren't hesitant to do this when it comes to the propaganda war against terrorism, as the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six will tell you.
And of course, who is the first paper to break the news of the new 'find'? The Scum. Only the most Islamophobic of all the mainstream papers, who are guaranteed to frenzy it up beyond recognition of any of the 'facts'.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Man against Nature, chapter 24,023,986

The Scum Online - News: Potty hippo attacks boat: "Potty hippo attacks"

Reading the news in today's Scum about the woman who was attacked by a hippo, one thing repeatedly struck me. Stupidity.

The paper's headline, and report, seemed to suggest that in some way the animal was acting completely abnormally. The tourist, whose canoe was "snapped in half", was quoted as saying, "I thought hippos were sweet."

What is wrong with people. A hippo is a wild animal. If you are going to go anywhere foreign for a break, it is adviseable to do some research. This is so that you know any customs the people in the host country adhere to, or any dangerous animals that may inhabit the place.

It is a constant shortfall of the British tourist, who is usually completely ignorant of all these things.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Government's pandering to the Scum is threatening the very basis of the Constitution

BBC NEWS | Politics | Reid sentence attack 'unhelpful'

As John Ried jumps on the Scum's bandwagon of criticising judge's sentences, he is threatening the Constitution.
Tony B Liar has also been in on the pander-to-the-Scum bandwagon before, to the point where it's becoming difficult to discern who is actually running the country, The editor of the Scum, or B Liar's cabinet.
If John Ried does not like the sentences handed down by judges, as Home Secretary, he is in an advantageous position to change the law, such as mandatory sentences.
But he's probably not sure which seat on the Cabinet he holds any more, given that his staunch Blairism, combined with his comparitive lack of scandal (actually now that I thikn about it, a commendable lack) compared to the other Blairites, means he has been playing musical chairs in all the key Cabinet positions.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Arctic Monkeys & Sandi Thom... Fakers!

Independent Online Edition > News

So the great grassroots stories of the year turned out to be astroturf. Ah, the old cynicism wins again.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just pump and squirt!

This is a genuine ad for a supersoaker toy...