Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dufus - How I Whistle mp3

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Dufus have been around for over ten years now, and have toured with literally dozens of members. Their 12th (!) album, King Astronaut was released in December 07, and this is one of the lead tracks from it.

Seth, the mainstay of the group (who also has four solo albums in that time), has indicated that Dufus will probably be slowed down in the next few years, so he can care for his new daughter. We wish him all the best, and hope he can return at some stage with more great Dufus material!

Mp3: Dufus - How I Whistle

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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Bobby McGee's - 'Bambi Eyes' and 'Audrey Tatou'

The Bobby McGee's
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The Bobby McGee's are probably my favourite unsigned band. They affiliate themselves with the London/Brighton Antifolk movements, and play darkly humourous songs of psychotic domestic (un?)bliss.

They also have a mischievous take on instrumentation - a cello being the only 'traditional' instrument on show, amid the toy-looking ukeleles and melodicas.

These are two of their better songs, Bambi Eyes, and Audrey Tatou/Albert Camus.

MP3: Bobby McGee's - Bambi Eyes.mp3
MP3: Bobby McGee's - Audrey Tatou/Albert Camus.mp3

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yndi Halda - Pinch of Lynch live mp3 " thing ever"

Thanks to Fruitier Than Thou for the live recording. I used Switch to convert his wma to mp3.

Zipped Mp3: Yndi Halda - Pinch of Lynch (live) (no pass req'd) - right-click, then select Save Target As (or similar, depending on Browser).

This is a recording from Yndi's November 2007 show in the Luminaire, London. It was their last gig in England of 2007 before they began writing a new album. The track ends with the infamous "That was the best thing ever" rant from the audience.

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Official site

Update (8 April 2008): The band has asked me to say that this is a work in progress and that the song is not completed yet.

Update 2 (12 April 2008): some people have reported that the file was not downloading. I apologise for this, it was completely my fault, and I thank people that let me know. I have now rectified the situation, and put the file in a zip folder. Unfortunately I've also had to shave off the crowd noises to bring the file size down a bit, so you can't hear the " thing ever" rant. Sorry.