Sunday, May 27, 2007 experiment.

This is a new feature from the crowd over at - a playlist thats embeddable in blogs etc - so here's my first test of it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sky Sports News, not Sky Sports news

I found myself telling someone the other that Freeview is actually quite good nowadays, which is a far cry from my (justified) initial view that it was shite. It had only about 15 different TV channels, and about half of them were news, or sports. Now there is a wide variety of stations, helped no end by the Channel 4 stable of channels.

I still have a bug to bear - Sky Sports News. Now, for me, the idea of a rolling news channel dedicated to sports would be quite enjoyable to switch over to for a half an hour or so at a time. Except that's not what it is - it is simply a rolling infomercial for Sky Sports - the chief breadwinner for Rupert Murdoch. If a sport isn't broadcast on SS, it barely warrants a mention (except, of course, football - The Champions League being the only competition they don't have a stranghold over, although that's no doubt changing). Take as a prime example, the Six Nations, which the Beeb has exclusive rights for, only the England results were spoken about in any significant detail, and that France won the competition outright. They have hardly even acknowledged that the World Snooker Championships has been on for the last two weeks.
Now considering that a 24 hour advert for a format that Freeview don't show, attracting custom to the direct competition, couldn't their bosses tell the SS broadcasters to shape up, and provied details on the full range of the sporting spectrum?

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