Thursday, August 03, 2006

the mire of football...

World Cup, been and gone. Heads placed firmly in chest. The moneyed-up merry-go-round of Professional soccer dwindles yet further into uselessness.
The three big Italian Clubs were facing realistic financial ruin a few weeks ago, when pretty severe sentences were handed down for the widespread cheating fiasco. Relegated to a lower division, and scores of points taken off them, some teams may not have recovered.
Good, I was thinking, finally the epidemic of protectionism in football has been broken.
Wrong!! The authorities in charge of this decided that was a bit too harsh, and decided to recede nearly all the important punishments that they had inflicted. For example, A.C. Milan, one of the main offenders in the case, have been allowed to compete in this year's Champion's League, thereby getting all the money that being there entails.

Be rich - get away with murder.