Monday, February 27, 2006

Yndi Halda have moved on to the next step

The rumours are circulating vigourously around the interweb that Yndi Halda, a band I mentioned on these pages a mere week ago, is EXTREMELY close to signing a deal with a major label. BMI is the name touted as the deal, but no official annoucements have been made by the band.
The band have been championed by the likes of Sigur Ros (they did a lot of the music for the Tom Cruise film, Vanilla Sky, and Mogwai.
This is the perfect opportunity to get one of the last few hand-made EPs, before they get officially pressed.
Go to the band's website by clicking here

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If you are sick of music on the radio

Yndi Halda

If you are truly sick of all the shit that plays on the radio, here is the band for you. They are called Yndi Halda, and make some truly beautiful music. You can order their EP for a mere £5 at their website Check them out.
here is the address... copy and paste it.

Wembley wimply plods on

BBC SPORT | Football | Wembley dropped for FA Cup final
So another big project's completion is behind schedule.
Wembley will not be ready for the F.A. Cup final in early May.
It follows such examples as the Millenium Dome, the Athens Olympics, the Milennium Bridge, and others.
Why do big companies set these targets, and then don't begin working on them for ages?
For example, a large part of East London has been earmarked as the site for the 2012 Olympics... why don't they get there arses in gear and start working on it.
No doubt they won't start until about 2010, and work will not be completed on time. Contrast that to Paris' bid, where all the potential locations were already completed before they started to bid.
Of course, Wembley's bid was hardly helped by the fact most of the workers had been betting AGAINST it being complete, as the Scum revealed today.
I would actually be surprised if the stadium was ready for the Charity Shield match in August. But all it means is that Cardiff's stunning Millenium Stadium gets another one-up on it's London rival by hosting the event.

Students aren't really pissheads, you know

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Students swap pints for pilates
So students don't drink anymore... well not as much as the stereotype would have you believe. It's true, and the reason... lack of funds...
You don't have money to go out, you want money to go out, you get a job, your job involves working when you want to go out, because pubs are among the very few places that will still hire students.
Its a Catch 22.

Monday, February 20, 2006

To you Apple Mac-doubters, the next step

YouTube - Crazy Multi-Input Touch Screen
The rumours are circulating in reputable sources (such as this), that this is the next generation of Apple Macs are going to be capable of. It reminds you of the film Minority Report, and most of you are still stuck on virus-ridden Windows.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our dependence on electricity

I'm living in student halls at the minute, and this morning the electricity inexplicably went off before I got up. As always happens when the electric goes off, everyone realises how much we depend on it.
And too fucking right we are to do so.
Some stupid inbreds think that living without the electric shows us how grateful we should be of our situation in life. Bollocks! Has anyone ever tried to see how long it takes to boil water without an electric kettle. About fifteen minutes, and that is not an exaggeration.
Electricity is an example of Darwinism coming into force, as humans further their supremacy on the planet. We should be proud to depend on it.

Rats and Pigeons

Rats and Pigeons
I have been informed of this website, and I must say I am impressed. It is an amateur photographic project about the underbelly of London, for those that are only subjected to the tourist side of the city.
I particularly like the graf of the rat about half way down this page.
Check it out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I could eat a knob at night

In response to a question about reality TV shows contestants being forced to eat certain animal's penises, Karl Pilkington said that while he would be put off by the though of digesting said cuisine in the morning, he "could eat a knob at night." Ricky Gervais, interviewing, remarked that this line would be great on a dance track, and thus, hundreds of dance tracks sampling this have sprung up over the internet. This is one of my favourites, although the most famous one seems to be by DJ Reacharound. I am quite annoyed I am unable to download the MP3 of this file, so if you see that the 'download' button is live, please let me know.
The source of the quip is Ricky Gervais' podcast, which can be found on Guardian Unlimited's site (or simply, and follow the obvious links). It is apparently the world's biggest podcast. Be part of it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Find the Truth About Anyone : Do It Yourself Detective

WebSherlock.Cok - Find the Truth About Anyone : Do It Yourself Detective
I don't know how many people click on the links that google provide, but curiosity got the better of me.
I clicked here websherlock.c om/, which is basically every detail of your life, availble to anyone who wants a wee nosey (at least that's what it's advertised as).
Lovely to know how vehemently privacy is guarded these days!

UK's 'sobering' climate forecast

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | UK's 'sobering' climate forecast
I never fail to be disappointed by the environmentalists' lobbying for public attention.
In a horror revelation, Britain could be subject to 'tropical' climes if we don't recycle more.
Is that supposed to be a deterrent from fossil fuels? Half the country escapes to the tropics whenever they have a chance, because it is too frigging cold, why would they want to be encouraged to prevent this country getting warmer.
And, genuinely worrying, we will be subject to sever flooding, but not until the year 3000 apparently.
If this was the case, why would anyone care (apart from the fact it would be fulfilling the prophetical lyrics of a Busted song).
Why did the lobbyists not highlight the fact that flooding in Britain has become frighteningly frequent in recent years , and increasingly dangerous (think of Boswall in Cornwall in 2004).
Or the fact that 2005 was an extremely busy year for hurricanes and tornadoes in the United States, Katrina and Rita being two clear examples.
This recent attempt at fear-mongoring is so remote that it will not mean anything to anyone, and thus have no affect.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Link Baiting

Link baiting, I have found out, is the practice of using offensive language, comments and just plain controversy, with the intention of getting lots of hits to one's blogsite. Within the Blogosphere (the buzzword for the people who blog), people are beginning to grow weary of this cheap taunting, because it drowns out all the decent blogs out there, who have actually got something to say.
This is hardly a new tactic, controversy has long been a staple of the P.R. gurus, because it is always the guaranteed formula for publicity. Max Clifford has made a fortune by endorsing the controversy of celebrities. Pete Doherty is perpetually gracing the pages of The Scum (or in the linked example, the Daily Mail), but how many Scum readers know any of his music. Oasis' phenomenal rise to fame in the mid-90's was attributed to the fact that their constant bickering was often tabloid fodder.
The internet has always been rife with, frankly, stupid individuals, who's sole purpose is to annoy, and/or waste others' time (see my post on Wikipedia's troubles for more on this). Every retarded wanker who has ever started a chain mail, please stand up. The fact that they are now diluting the blogging world should come as no surprise.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's life has all the hallmarks of a Shakespearian tragedy - a man in a position of great influence, whose fatal flaw (either lack of self control, or his God complex) has managed to bring him crashing down to earth in a most dramatic fashion.
Nobody can ever deny Michael Jackson's influence on the music industry. His Music videos were repeatedly groundbreaking, his dance moves are still being imitated today by Craig David, Usher, and Justi-fied, his songs are still classics, and he recorded the biggest-selling album of all time. He was the biggest star in the world throughout most of the eighties.
However, the lack of a positive influence on his life, and someone who will actually say no to him, has turned him into a spoilt child, perhaps beyond help. Not even regarding the accusations of child abuse, I'm referring to his addiction to shopping, his scarily overbearing parenting (covering their faces during all occasions - not just when the cameras are on them, which would be understandable), his extreme vanity, manifested by his repeated plastic surgery, and just his apparent detachment from reality.
When you compare him to the other great pop star of the Eighties, Madonna, it is stark how differently their careers have turned out. While Madonna was always courting controversy like Jackson (which probably contributed to both their successes), her career has blossomed yet further since the late nineties, and she is enjoying more time at the top of the UK charts than she did back in the eighties.
U2 as well. Although they didn't hit superstardom on a world stage until the mid-eighties, they have also hit a new peak in their careers since the turn of the century.
Michael's story surely shows the dangers of being too popular for one's own good, while not having a grounding influence that will help maintain a grip on reality.