Friday, July 20, 2007

No charges in the cash for honours enquiry

The BBC reports that nobody is to be charged in the cash for honours enquiry. This is an enquiry that was taking sixteen months to gather evidence, and involved twice questioning the sitting Prime Minister by the police.
Now, the procedure in criminal cases is that after the police have compiled all their evidence, they hand their findings over to the Crown Prosecution Service who decide whether or not to take the case. It was the CPS that decided to not bring charges.
Whether or not this was the correct decision will be the subject of vociferous bloggers and conspiracy theorists alike, as well as all sections of the media.
My opinion is merely, after sixteen months of investigating, with immense embarrassment to the nation, as well as huge expense to the taxpayer, there have been no charges? One of the two of the Police and the CPS must be at fault.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weed: the great political cannon fodder

According to the Beeb's Nick Robinson, Gordo's announcement to have a focus group look at whether to upgrade cannabis back to Grade B, is a woo at the Daily Hate's editor, as him and 'Butters' Cameron fight it out for their backing.
Whodathunk that something which is on the tip of everyone's tongue, and is probably one of the most offended laws (after song downloading, or driving offences, i would imagine), could actually decide who wins the next election?
I have been told by many people, that the only time they would vote would be for the person who legalises weed, and I imagine that there are enough children of the 60s liberalism (and Thatcher's libetarianism - much as she herself maligned it) to be a large section of the voting public. In fact, if politics was up with public opinion, and cannabis was legalised twenty years ago, I would imagine that cocaine and ecstasy would be at the position where cannibis is now, given their widespread use among eighteen to thirty five year olds.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Bore-ther is 'planting' it's seeds of doom!

Sorry about the punny headline, but at least its more entertaining than big brother. In another move that reeks of desperation, after half the original lineup has already quit or been thrown off the show (how many actual evictions have there been in comparison - the paddywhack is the only one I can actually think of), the producers have decided to put a plant in the show. A better tactic, from the off, would have been to have genuinely interesting people in the house, and not just shameless wannabes.
I would suggest that they use this method next year, although I would prefer if it was just cancelled. I wouldn't even be so visceral if it was just one hour or so on C4 and E4, but the fact that E4 devotes nearly the entire daytime schedule to Big Brother Live must be bordering on reneging on their remit.