Monday, September 17, 2007

Led Zeppelin reunion... with bloated consequences.

Apparently the 'one that nobody thought would happen' - reunion that is - Led Zeppelin have decided to regroup for a one-off show in memory of their one-time manager, and producer.

It seems as though this is reformation season, what with the Spice Girls, Police, Pink Floyd, Take That among others deciding getting the mates round for a nostalgia trip would suspend that mid-life crisis by a few years. (Another band the media have been touting as one of the recent reformees is Genesis - who the fuck cared that they were even apart - or together for that matter).

And with '20 million' people supposedly queuing up religiously (I would like to know how many of them are not touts, or touts' aliases), one thing can be guaranteed at this reunion. This will be the greatest display of self indulgence the planet will ever witness (at least in pop culture terms - let's not start listing some obscure African king, who decrees he must marry every woman in the country).

Anyone who has seen any record of the Zep at their zenith will be aware of their penchant for mastubatory gestures of their own grandeur. And indeed, nobody seems to deny the fact that it was the clashing uber-egos that split the band up in the first place.

Of course, the salivating millions will rejoice that they have heroes to worship that are as much of a dickhead as they wish they could be, and scramble to remortgage the house in order to get a back row seat, and regale to the grandkids that they were there as Plant kicked into his eighth fifteen minute solo on the lead spoon.

But the one good point out of all this of course will be to inspire yet more reunions of equally ego-massaging and cash-grubbing stature. One such one I am particularly looking forward to is if Ringo dies before him, Paul McCartney will surely announce a Beatles reunion tour.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

BBC bias at work again.

While on a night out in Belfast at the weekend, I was slightly alarmed at the extremely heavy police presence awaiting the emerging closing time crowd outside the Botanic Inn. For a crowd of not more than about 800, there was about nine armoured land rovers of police (excuse any inebriated memory inaccuracies), including two or three vanloads in combatative gear, flak jackets and batons.

I wouldn't actually object if there was a vanload of police posted to the area by default, because if any fights broke out, their reaction time (and thus preventative measures) would be invariably increased. However, this presence was clearly exaggerated.

Then, I noticed why there was such an increased volume of police officers. Weaving their way through the crowd was a camera crew for the current affairs show, Insight.
Clearly this was an orchestrated event, and was intended to show how the (predominantly) student crowd is a haven of drunken violence and debauchery.

Having been there, however, I can testify first hand that it was the most well-behaved post-club crowd I have ever been a part of, to its credit. I doubt that is the image that will be displayed on the show, however, and no doubt the crew quickly moved off to find a club where there was more action shots available.

Notably, within minutes of the camera crew's departure, the police quickly dispersed as well.

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