Saturday, December 23, 2006

The rise of Socio-fiction

Are we witnessing the dawning of a new genre of film? I have noticed over the last couple of years a vast increase in films that present an alternate political reality. Films such as V for Vandetta, and now Children of Men. How would you class these films? They aren't exactly science fiction, even if they are set in the future sometimes. And you can't call them Political thrillers, like The Manchurian Candidate because that was a work of fiction based on actual history, as opposed to a supposed future.

Therefore, I hereby declare that we now have a new genre of film - namely Socio-fiction. Feel free to steal this marvellous phrase to describe other such films. I'll update this post when other examples come to me.

Thursday, December 21, 2006 charts

Last.FM - The social Music revolution, as it refers to itself, has a nice wee tool that allows you to keep your own charts of the song/artists that you have been listening to over the last week. This is my chart from the last week.

I would prefer to put it on my Bebo, or the sidebar of this page - but I don't understand very much HTML, so I can't. Waah!

Join up and get one yourself.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Britain's latest serial killer.

Ipswich police are warning the two-dozen or so prostitutes in the Ipswich area to remain vigilant as suspicions are growing of a Jack the Ripper-style serial killer is at large.
Of course, the real issue for the tabloids is much more serious than that.
Who's gonna come up with the witty pun?
Rip-swich...Ipswich ripper...Kill the 'Swich... are some bad examples that they've probably already scrapped.
Although the guy does seem to be pretty effective, the BBC reports that police are worried about a fifth woman already - after less than a week. So they better hurry up - as everyone knows, its not a serial killer unless he has some jingoist name.

Update: 22 December: It seems the term "Suffolk Strangler" is emerging as the jingle-of-choice for the Redhead (and other shit - the link is to the Daily Mail) Newspapers. However, the fact that the prime suspect has been nicknaming himself the Bishop, should help the cause if it turns out he is guilty. Having said all that, the Scum insists on referring to the Ipswich killer as the "Ipswich Ripper" (which I had already debunked - see above) - even though he is not 'ripping' them, as it were.

BBC - Royal Ass Lickers...

I don't know whether it's (yet another) example of the deficiency of democracy, or whether the BBC is angling for a complete return to the monarchical despottery days of yore, but a fucking royal has won Sports Personality of the Year - for the second time.
Anyone who watches BBC News, knows that every time any royal buttons their own shirt, the BBC has their top man on the scene within seconds, cooing with the delight of a young mother of the school bully, who has just claimed two-desserts-worth of dinner money.
And of course, when the issue of taxpayer's expenses crop up to explain how a seven-year-old Zara is able to buy a horse, the BBC laughs it off with something like - it's only 98p per person goes to the royals. That 98p would be better served funding a few dozen nurses salaries.
How many people would have heard of (or cared about) her winning the Toff's parade that is showjumping, if the BBC had not plugged it at every available opportunity - (for example, in the promo ads for the event, it was a clip of her that was always shown first).
Now, I am not going to start any rumours about match-fixing on the BBC's part - (I'll leave that to Biased-BBC to pick up (hopefully), but I will enquire as to what type of dickhead voted for the royal?
I'd have imagined the majority of the country went for the sympathy vote, and went with Darren Clarke (although this may have been offset by the fact that the royal had a friend die mere days before the broadcast). Unless they are viciously xenophobic, cricket fans would have went for Monty Panesar (who was my second choice - just cause I like his name), and tennis fans would have went for Andy Murray, who has had a spectacular year, ending it with a top twenty ranking... I don't know who the other person was... some gymnast...she came third.
All I can imagine is that the Daily Mail pooled all its readers in the backwards religious town dotted across the home counties to vote for the royal in an attempt to coax the BBC back to what it was in the fifties - they way they liked it.
Either way, democracy is fucked... we should do what I say in my other blog, and Give Saddam The Keys